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Anti-Aging Care For Your Hands

Anti-aging care for your hands

Skin aging is something we all experience as we journey through our lives. Growing older is a gift and while we should celebrate our fine lines, wrinkles and changing skin tone on our body as we progress through our lives – we can also make sure that we age gracefully, and our body will thank us in the long run.

Harmful UV rays, loss of skin moisture and our everyday skin care routine may impact how our skin ages over the years. Creams, or oils, may be able to replenish lost moisture and may help reduce wrinkles on our skin.

When we think anti-aging routine for skin, we always think of our face, neck, and décolletage. The truth is, no matter how well you treat loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles on your face and neck area – the one place that will always reveal your true age is your hands!

We all use hand creams, but how many of us invest in anti-aging for the hands? An anti-aging hand cream or essential oils may just be your best investment yet.


Skin tone on your hands

It’s not something many of us immediately think of when we carry out our morning and evening skin care routines – hand care. An anti-aging hand care routine helps to ensure our hands age ‘well’ and may help maintain a more youthful appearance.

You’ll be surprised how many people actually look at your hands. Our hands, much like our faces are always exposed to the outside world, and your hands can say a lot about you

Just as your facial skin undergoes a skin cell turnover, so does the skin on your hands. The dead skin cells shed, and new ones are replaced, so it is important to ensure that the skin on your hands gets enough moisture during this daily process.

Washing your hands, washing dishes, and cleaning your home, as well as exposure to the elements may thicken skin and may cause a dry skin condition which may in turn add to aging and wrinkles.


Essential Oils or hand cream in your anti-aging routine

Anti-aging hand products are more important than you would think. Over time, our hands may start to develop dark spots called age spots and may start to develop thin skin texture.

Using essential oils may also help to create a more even skin tone in aging hands. A great anti-aging hand moisturizer may keep your hands soft and may have a non-greasy formula that goes into the skin quickly – there’s nothing worse than trying to open a car door, or handle your phone with oily, greasy hands. The best time to use a product for your hands is at night before going to bed.

Dry hands may show the visible signs of aging so if you want youthful looking hands, you may want to remember to moisturize with an anti-aging hand cream or essential oil with hydrating ingredients.


Outdoor exposure and your hands

As much as we love to be outdoors, it unfortunately may lead to age spots. These may appear as dark spots on the skin of your hands, mostly on the top of your hands.

Age spots may not be the easiest to remove once you have them but investing in a good anti-aging essential oil or hand cream may help with age spots.


Hyaluronic acid and its role in aging skin

Hyaluronic acid may act as a moisturizer for your skin and may help to firm up loose skin and may help to reduce other signs of aging.

Not everyone can use the same products, and it makes sense for different people to find what works best for them and their bodies when selecting a moisturizer or anti-aging hand creams and essential oils to try and help smooth and protect their hands.

Other ingredients such as coconut oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Glycolic acid may be helpful in reducing the signs of aging.


How to help aging hands

Simply using just any hand cream may not help provide your skin with the possible anti-aging benefits of an age specific cream. Not all hand creams are made the same.

Seratopical Overnight Hand Therapy by SeraLabs, with essential oils, clinically-backed ingredients and infused with CBD, was created especially with aging hands in mind.

As hands are one of the most exposed areas of skin on our body, it may be important to give them the extra care that they deserve.

Exposure to harsh chemicals through cleaning or washing dishes, outdoor exposure and everyday use of your hands may make it hard to protect your hands from dryness and may make it difficult to keep the skin smooth.

This breakthrough formula from SeraLabs, with clinically-backed ingredients and Essential Oils is the ultimate age-defying blend that may help hydrate your skin. With soothing Lavender Oil, Chamomile Extract, Marula and Argan Oil, and vitamin E that may help

This product may be used overnight, allowing the benefits of this cream to absorb whilst you sleep. You may however use this product in the daytime if you so wish.




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