Caring for your body

Caring for your body

Caring for your body

Something we hear about all the time: health and wellness. We are almost inundated with different tips and advice everywhere we turn from when we wake in the morning until the time we fall asleep at night.

This over influx of information from the news, the TV, social media and every single corner of the internet can be incredibly overwhelming.

There are diets after diets available, your friend has tried this one and your neighbor this one. It’s almost impossible to know what a healthy diet is anymore.

It is always advisable to follow professional medical advice when it comes to caring for your body, but here at SeraLabs, we believe in a positive outlook on health and wellness and that we only have one body – and it should be celebrated and cared for in the best way that we can.

Every person is unique, every lifestyle is unique and how you care for your body should be unique to you too. Life is busy and self-care is seen as more of a luxury than an asset.

That being said, there are simple tips that may be applicable for just about anybody that could go a long way to starting and staying on your journey to health and wellness.

Step 1: A healthy balanced diet

The first step to take care of your body is to invest in a healthy diet. When we talk about a healthy diet, we aren’t talking about a weight loss or restrictive diet – we’re talking to an inclusive, non-restrictive, calorie and nutrient dense diet.

A diet that helps you to maintain a healthy weight and that serves you with a healthy body, inclusive of vegetables and enjoyable foods in moderation.

We all live busy lifestyles where it may be hard to factor in carving out time for healthy meal creations and cooking. A really helpful tip is to schedule time in at some point during your week and create a pre-made meal for each day – even if it’s just for lunch time.

It’s also really important to take your lunch break! So many of us are so busy working from home, that we almost just grab something to eat and sit back at our desk with our lunch. It’s advisable to take time for yourself over your lunch period, to eat with intent, to nourish your body whilst you nourish your mind.

Read a book, or look outside your window, or simply sit in the sunshine while you eat your lunch each day. You don’t need a lot of time – it only has to be 15-30 minutes – but every minute counts. A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand.

Step 2: Get enough sleep

Okay, 2020 and 2021 have made getting enough sleep pretty tricky – we get it! 2020 insomnia is a thing… but there are ways to help you get better sleep at night and it’s really important to help take care of your body by ensuring you get good sleep at night.

Getting good quality sleep at night may help to increase your energy levels in the day time, which means you could enjoy higher productivity in your daily work and activities. One score to great sleep right there.

The truth is that the human body may thrive on sleep, and getting enough rest at night may also improve your mental health and wellbeing, because feeling well rested may help to foster a more positive mindset.

Step 3: Morning routine

A well-planned morning routine could kick your day off on the right foot – literally. You owe it to yourself to take conscious time out for yourself in the mornings, instead of just rushing from bed to lounge to work, or bed to car and then work (depending on your current work situation).

An ideal routine in the morning could include getting up a little earlier than your family members or roommates. Taking this private time to either do some yoga, or go for a run… or simply drinking your coffee in peace and quiet. Whatever activity fills your cup – your mornings should be a part of yourself care.

You could use your alone time in the mornings to plan out your daily tasks as this could help to make the day ahead feel less daunting as you have a checklist to tick off each activity.

Step 4: Physical activity

Physical activity and exercise should form a part of your self-care routine. Just like eating, breathing and drinking water – exercise may be important for the health of your body and mind.

Exercise doesn’t need to be full on running miles and miles each day. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy sweating it out and putting undue pressure on your joints or body – then a stretching session with pilates or yoga may just be your cup of tea.

Taking care of your body starts with a little movement, a little time to stretch and consciously move your body with some form of exercise each day. Your body and your mind may thank you for fitting even just 10 minutes of exercise into your busy schedule each day.

Exercise combined with a healthy balanced diet may also help to maintain a healthy weight and may have a significant impact on your mental wellbeing.

Step 5: Make time for self-care

Self-care also looks like rest. We live in a time where productivity and being overly busy is almost celebrated, when it probably shouldn’t be. Taking a moment to breathe in a busy day or week, or sitting down to rest when you need it – that should be celebrated.

Self-care could look like Netflix and chill on a Saturday morning, or choosing time to go for a walk alone or read a book on the beach instead of a massive social event with friends.

Self-care is whatever it needs to be for you to improve your overall well-being, both mentally and physically, and that means making more time for yourself.

Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup – so you need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others.

Step 6: Drink water

Staying hydrated may not only improve your physical wellbeing but it may also improve the health and appearance of your skin. It may be really tricky trying to ensure you drink enough water in each day… we are all living busy lifestyles and we may not always have easy access to water.

Coffee and tea may be more enjoyable and we tend to drink those drinks socially and habitually. But simply changing up your daily routine to incorporate more water drinking habits may help you to increase your overall water intake.

Committing to drinking a glass of water upon waking in the morning, and before going to sleep, or swapping out one cup of coffee each day with a glass of water are good habits to practice. You could also invest in a healthy water bottle made from metal or BPA-free plastic that you could keep next to your desk, or take with you in your car – so that you are never without some water to drink.

Step 7: Ensure optimal vitamin intake

Sometimes the food that we eat cannot provide all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that our body and minds may require. Most people living busy lifestyles may need additional vitamin intakes than what food may provide through a typical healthy diet.

In these cases, it may be helpful to supplement with a vitamin or mineral supplement. An immune boosting supplement such as the Sera Relief Immunity Booster Capsules, from SeraLabs with clinically-backed ingredients, infused with CBD, is a highly effective multifunctional supplement that may help to support your immune system.

A combination of powerful vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and D, magnesium, iron and calcium could benefit your overall health and the functioning of your immune system which may help you in taking care of your body.











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