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CBD In Las Vegas: Uses And Legalities

The roll of the dice, the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip, frenzied, smoke-filled casinos– what happens in Vegas can be stressful and intense. How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed? Many Nevadans and Las Vegas tourists are turning to CBD to help maintain a healthy state of calm or relaxation and help maintain an everyday positive healthy mood.

If you want to buy, sell, or use CBD oil in Las Vegas, rest assured that you will have a wide variety of premium grade CBD products at your disposal.

Why Do People Use CBD in Las Vegas?

Spending hours at a time in a well-lit Casino where it’s close to impossible to tell if it’s day or night can impact your sleep cycle. CBD can help you maintain your ability to get a good night’s sleep and may help with occasional sleeplessness.

Pulling that slot machine lever a few too many times? CBD can help you maintain healthy joint mobility and maintain a normal state of inflammatory response.

CBD Oil and the State of Nevada

It is legal to use CBD oil throughout the United States if it is derived from hemp and has a THC concentration of less than 0.3% dry weight. That means that you are allowed to use hemp-derived CBD oil in Las Vegas.

But the topic gets quite interesting when you talk about the rules and regulations that govern the cannabis industry in the Silver State.

Nevada has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the use and legalization of cannabis. It is considered one of the most forward-thinking states in the country as it was the first to legalize marijuana not only for medical use, but for recreational purposes as well!

However, for an average CBD consumer, Nevada’s laws might be a bit too complicated to understand. Since many people are unaware of the key differences between the two commonly used varieties of the cannabis plant, marijuana and hemp, the problem becomes even more complex.

What you need to remember is that hemp-derived CBD that’s been legalized for use does not have an intoxicating effect. Unlike traditional marijuana, it cannot make you feel high.

As far as marijuana is concerned, you can use it freely in Las Vegas for whatever purpose you want – BUT you must not consume it publicly as it is still viewed as a misdemeanor. Plus, you are only authorized to possess no more than an ounce of cannabis at any given time.

CBD Oil in Las Vegas

The most important thing you need to know is that a local ordinance that overrides the state law. That is, although you can carry up to an ounce of cannabis in Nevada, you cannot bring and take CBD products to the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

This includes all cannabis products, regardless of whether they are derived from hemp or marijuana. Passengers found carrying CBD products might be at risk of detainment or subject to further screening.

If you use CBD oil for medicinal purposes, it is advised that you carry the related prescriptions when traveling to Las Vegas.

What is Hemp-Derived CBD?

Both marijuana plants, cannabis and hemp, produce cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD molecule is the same in both cannabis sources. However, from a legal perspective, CBD products derived from hemp and CBD products derived from cannabis are entirely different. Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) is a plant-derived compound from Cannabis sativa, the species of plant that includes both hemp and marijuana, but from different plant varieties or cultivars. CBD is the primary nonpsychoactive compound in cannabis, whereas tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is cannabis’s primary psychoactive compound. CBD is classified based on its level of of THC and plant origin. Cannabis contains a richer source of cannabinoids and terpenes than industrial hemp because it contains more resin. Resin is the sticky substance found on female cannabis flowers, and to a lesser extent, on its leaves. Hemp plants contain resin on the flowers and leaves too, but much less.

Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Hemp Seed Oil

You might be curious about the difference between hemp-derived CBD oil and hemp seed oil. SeraLabs CEO and founder, Nancy Duitch says, “…there are no health benefits from hemp seed oil at all. You are just as well off drinking a bottle of virgin olive oil… It’s very critical that you look at the back of the bottle and see if it says ‘cannabidiol‘ on it.” It’s imperative that you check to see that the CBD is made with high quality ingredients.

What Dose is Right For Me?

Everyone wants to experience the benefits of CBD but finding the right dose of can be a challenge. No one’s tolerance is exactly the same because everyone’s endocannabinoid system is a little bit different. We recommend starting with a low dose of CBD oil and working your way up to a higher dose if you don’t see results. SeraLabs offers a wide range of CBD oil tinctures from 100mg – 1,000mg. Often the best way to see the effects of CBD is to use for the products regularly and then stop. People often report that they notice the effects upon stopping treatment.

Buying CBD Online

CBD products sold online run the gamut and include tinctures, lotions & creams, edibles like gummiescapsules, coffees and teas, and even skincare, beauty products and pet care. Most experts agree that the Farm Bill makes it clear that consumers anywhere can legally buy these products if they’re made from low- or zero-THC hemp. If the CBD product is hemp-derived, there is very little risk for consumers when purchasing CBD online, even if ordering to a state where CBD is not legal or is restricted. To buy effective CBD oil from a reliable source, make sure to check out the impressive range of high-quality pure CBD isolate and full-spectrum products available at SeraLabs Health. SeraLabs offers some of the highest quality CBD products.

Need Help?

Since each state has its own unique rules for dealing with the use and possession of products derived from cannabis plants, it is always a good idea to do thorough research before buying a CBD product in your region.

If you need further help regarding the use of CBD oil in Las Vegas, get in touch with today!

We also offer a wide range of high-quality CBD products that you can order from anywhere in the U.S.

Disclaimer: CBD is not a substitute for medication prescriptions for health issues. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before adding CBD to your pet’s diet

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