Expand Your Knowledge Of CBD With These Books

Perhaps no other product has more momentum in the weed sphere right now than CBD. It’s in crystal form, edible form, vape form, it’s everywhere now, even in gas stations.

A lot of what we learn from CBD is from the very people who are pushing these products. That’s not to say CBD and its many benefits are hoaxes; it’s just that you’ll need to look in other places if you want the full story. Many books on CBD have been published by reputable scientists that give a much more in-depth and impartial look into this cannabinoid that we’re still trying to understand fully.

If you want a more well-rounded knowledge base on what CBD is, what it does, and how it accomplishes all of that, check out these books:

CBD: From Killer Weed to Miracle Molecule
How a therapeutic cannabis extract is changing people’s lives and turning the world of medicine upside down.

Heard of CBD but not quite sure of what it is or what it does? Well, you came to the right place. It’s all here – in an interesting and entertaining nutshell – everything you ever wanted to know about hemp-extracted CBD and why it’s been called a medical miracle. Learn all about the new “oil boom.” Not the kind you put in your car. The kind you put under your tongue or rub into your skin. Check out this book to see why you don’t have to believe in magic to believe in the amazing, therapeutic benefits of hemp-extracted CBD. Available now on Amazon.

CBD: What You Need to Know

This book is authored by a doctor by the name of Gregory Smith and frames CBD from a perspective that’s focused on the end user. The 215 pages serve as a very comprehensive guide that anyone who’s apprehensive about whether or not CBD is right for them would find extremely useful. As far as CBD books go, it isn’t extremely technical either, so it’s very digestible.

Gregory Smith shares anecdotes from people who have treated various ailments with CBD interspersed between a full rundown of the legal history of CBD and how it works in the body. Several different conditions are all talked about separately, and Dr. Smith explains how CBD can be best used for each and every one.

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis

No CBD book library would be complete without books from people with direct experience in the marijuana industry as an opposing point of view to doctors and the establishment as a whole. This book by Leonard Leinhow is a very accessible and easy to read piece that explains all of the nitty-gritty involving CBD.

It explains the difference between hemp CBD, artificial CBD, and CBD derived from THC-containing marijuana plants, of which the difference is rather shocking if I say so myself. There’s also a useful compendium of CBD’s usefulness for various illnesses, some information on the endocannabinoid system, and even a little section on phytocannabinoids and terpenes. It’s a good read, no doubt about it.

Cannabis Revealed

This next book’s author is both a doctor and a marijuana advocate, and her name is Dr. Bonni Goldstein. She’s the medical director for a medicinal cannabis initiative based out of California with intimate knowledge of the plant and its effects on the human body.

Largely educational in nature, it’s a bit more surgical but insanely descriptive, Dr. Goldstein presents information about the cannabis plant itself and cannabis as a medicine in a way that’s in-depth but still easy enough to grasp.

Anything she claims in the book is backed up by research and is explained in full. There is a lot of information not directly related to CBD in this book, yet the extra understanding of this information brings to the sections that do concern themselves with CBD much more compelling.

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

This next book assumes at least a passing knowledge with CBD and medical texts and focuses mainly on what the outcomes are with CBD treatment. Instead of combing over studies from different resources that might have competing interests making it hard to know who to believe, this book that was made as a collaboration between academics of various disciplines as a completely neutral resource.

All of the facts and research is presented as it is with no positive or negative spin. For those who want a no-nonsense approach to the effects of cannabis and its constituents, this is a big winner.


Any of these CBD books should burn the midnight oil as you delve deep into CBD and its inner workings. Many of the benefits of consuming cannabis can be derived from CBD except without the intoxicating high, something that no doubt must be fueling the massive wave of interest as people wish to seek out natural remedies for their ailments but without any perceptible changes to their lives.

Our understanding of the cannabinoid system, its role in homeostasis, and how to safely exploit it has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, it seems inevitable that eventually, more and more jurisdictions will legalize marijuana which will further add to the boom in research.

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