How and Why to Detox As You Enter 2022

How and Why to Detox As You Enter 2022

How and Why to Detox As You Enter 2022

Before we say goodbye to 2021, most people have a calendar jammed full of parties, get-togethers and celebrations. While it is a fun time of the year, it is also a time that many may over indulge on sweet treats, processed foods and alcohol. Not exactly what is required for a healthy body and a healthy start to the new year.

In this article, ‘how and why to detox as you enter 2022’, we will outline what whole foods to avoid and which to include, as well as what drinks you can have, and what habits you should focus on.


When we talk about detox diets, we are referring to a diet, or a way of eating that may help us to boost our metabolism and aid our immune system, through the foods we eat.

A detox program concentrating on fueling the body with whole foods, that work to stabilize blood sugar and nourish the body naturally, is a great idea, especially as we begin a fresh new year.

Detox diets are not a traditional diet. They are not intended for weight loss alone, but many of them may have the added benefit of helping us to lose weight. This may be especially helpful for the body after all the potential weight gain from the holiday season.

If you would like guidance through the process of ridding the body of toxins, a doctor or a functional medicine practitioner may be able to assist you on your journey to overall health. Before starting any kind of detox please consult a healthcare provider.

How To Detox

Many people like to fast when they begin a detox but it is possible to rid our body of toxic substances, without including the health risks that may come with fasting.

The idea of detox is to eliminate toxins. We want to try and focus on avoiding processed foods and foods that may spike your blood sugar, while including foods that may heal your body in a natural way.

Foods To Avoid

A detox will always include cutting out some of the foods we love, because many of them may contain harmful toxins. Although we may feel some withdrawal symptoms after a few days of cutting these foods out, your body will likely feel a whole better for it after a few weeks.

The types of foods that should be avoided while detoxing, include any kind of sweet treat, even those including artificial sweeteners. Most foods with sugar and chemicals that you cannot pronounce should probably be avoided. Raw fruits and vegetables are always a safe bet.

When conducting a home detox as most people do, focus on reading the labels of the foods. Do some research beforehand so you can be prepared with some healthy staples that you still enjoy. Including fresh herbs is a great way to keep your food tasting delicious. Many of them taste great while containing the added benefits of healthy antioxidants.

The detoxification process is not intended to be torture. It may even be an enjoyable and rewarding process that comes with many benefits for your body – your digestive system, immune system, liver function and brain. And again we can’t stress enough always consult a healthcare provider before doing any kind of detox.

Foods To Include

The types of food that may help  our bodies in a healthy way include cruciferous veggies like broccoli, leafy greens like spinach, whole grains, fruits and plenty of fresh herbs.

You might want to include high fiber foods that may help our body to eliminate waste and toxins naturally. Lentils and black beans are a good source of fiber as are many fruits and vegetables.

Eating fermented foods may aid with gut health and dandelion root may also aid with digestion. Including them in your daily may be an excellent support for your health and immune system.

What To Drink

Focusing on healthy food is a good first step when detoxing but one must not forget to hydrate. This is a good rule for life too. Ensuring that you drink enough water is imperative as this may support your body to flush out toxins and heavy metals from your system.

Water is not the only thing you can drink during the detoxification process to help rid the body of toxins. Drinks like green tea are full of antioxidants that may help the body from the inside out. Green tea and other herbal teas are good for your health and may also aid in an effort to lose weight. They can be a delicious treat if you find a flavor that you enjoy.

It is advisable to avoid alcohol for the entire detoxification process as many alcoholic beverages are full of chemicals, toxins and sugar. A detox may also give your liver a break so laying off the alcohol may be a good way to minimize liver stress and may just be good for your health in general.

Habits To Focus On

While you are working to detox your body with food, you do not want to hamper your efforts through bad habits. Concentrate on minimizing stress, getting enough sleep and include regular exercise to your routine. These good habits may all contribute to your overall wellness and impact your life in a positive way overall. There are so many benefits to a healthy lifestyle and feeling good is just one of them.

Include some well-deserved ‘me -time’ by investing in some personal care products like bath bombs or aromatherapy candles. Rest assured, if you enjoy the journey, you are likely to have more success with it.

We would advise that you consult with a doctor before making any changes to your daily eating habits. A detox should support wellness, not disrupt it.

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