How the body ages and ways to ease the aches

How the body ages and ways to ease the aches

How the body ages and ways to ease the aches

Aging: the topic that is on the lips of every health, wellness, and beauty company out there. Ways in which you can help to fight off the inevitable effects of aging, ways to hide wrinkles and fine lines, and ways to keep joint stiffness at bay are all highly discussed topics.

The advice and opinions to fight off the negative effects of aging, such as how to help defend against aches & pain, vary from specialist to specialist. However, there are a few solid and easy to follow habits to help maintain a healthy lifestyle for as long as possible.

How our bodies change as we age

It’s no mystery that our bodies are constantly changing as we journey through our lives.

Our bodies that we could once fuel with takeout and carbohydrates without much ill-effect slowly transform into bodies that are ill-forgiving; where slowing metabolisms begin to rear their heads and it becomes harder to maintain a healthy weight.

Aging and muscle mass; bone mass and bone loss

As we age, our muscle tissue changes, we may begin to lose muscle mass and our muscles may begin to lose strength and endurance. Our bone density may begin to decrease as our bones lose calcium and minerals. This may make it harder for older adults to stay active.

As we age, the cartilage between our bones may become thinner, and may cause loss of muscle and bone mass.

Defending against joint aches & pain

Unfortunately, aging is inevitable. We don’t believe in trying to fight aging – we believe that aging and the opportunity to experience your body aging is a gift that far too many do not get the opportunity to experience.

We believe in embracing the journey of life, and that includes all the general aches and pains and the “less desirable” effects of aging. By embracing your age, you can enjoy almost every moment and stage in your life.

There are also many ways in which you can work “with” your body to maintain a healthy life style.

Maintaining a healthy weight

This is important throughout your entire life and will most certainly help you later on when you’re older when as your muscle mass may lessen and your bone density could reduce.

The less weight your body has to carry around for the journey of your life the better, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be “thin” or have the picture-perfect body that the media often tells us that we should have.

The important thing is that you eat a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and leafy greens, that you move your body and that your weight is within healthy limits for your specific body build.

Following an appropriate exercise program

Exercise and physical activity may be one of the most important investments we make to our health and our bodies. Don’t think of exercise as a punishment for burning off calories you shouldn’t have eaten. Don’t think of exercise as something that you “have” to do because everyone says you should.

Think of exercise as an opportunity to move your body. An opportunity that is denied to so many people. Our bodies were made for movement. Our legs made for walking, our arms made for lifting and our feet were made for taking us on exciting adventures.

You don’t have to lift heavy weights or run a marathon to partake in a healthy exercise routine, everybody is different, and your age plays a large role in what type of exercise and intensity you should follow.

It’s always best to get guidance from your health professional as to what age-appropriate exercises you could do as part of your daily activities.

Visiting a physical therapist

Visiting a physical therapist to help maintain healthy joint mobility could help to defend against aches and pain experienced as you age. A specialist could greatly assist in helping to maintain the correct movement and strength of certain muscle groups in your body.

Correct movement and strength in your important muscle groups may help to reduce the risk of injury from partaking in physical activity or exercise.

Weak or tight muscles and joints may lead to an injury as often seen in people who partake in exercises or sports with repetitive movements such as runners and swimmers.

Vitamins for your bones

The health of your bones is so important as you age, due to the fact that your ligaments, cartilage and muscle mass may weaken as you get older. Without as much support from your muscles and ligaments, your bones may begin to do more of the “work” than when you were younger.

Strong bones begin from within and the nutrients we consume in our diet are vital for the health of our bones. Vitamins such as calcium and Vitamin D are important for bone health.

Sera Labs and aging

SeraLabs strives to be your partner in embracing aging. We believe that every stage of life should be celebrated and enjoyed the best of your ability. SeraLabs has a wide variety of CBD products, everything from tinctures to gummies and capsules- including the best selling Full Spectrum CBD Oil.



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