How to care for your lips

How to care for your lips

How to care for your lips

Just like any other facial or body care regime focused on the importance of maintaining a youthful appearance, healthy lips are also an important aspect of your beauty regime.

Everyone always remembers to apply their anti-wrinkle eye cream at night, or their moisturizing and healing serums – but not everyone ensures that their lip care is of high quality.

We’re not just talking the usual lip balm here—we’re talking actual healing, moisturizing and caring lip moisture.

All about lips

Just like the skin around your eyes and your complexion, healthy lips are an important aspect of your beauty regime.

It’s important to take care of your lips—there’s nothing worse than chapped lips or dry lips that are visible to yourself and others around you. Dryness on your lips may lead to painful cracking, and worse yet, peeling of your lips.

If the skin on your lips begins to lift and peel, it’s almost impossible to ensure that the skin isn’t pulled away from the lip which can make the problem worse. The fastest remedy here is moisture – whether it’s ensuring that you drink plenty of water, a little self-care for your lips in terms of moisture and hydration may go a long way.

Caring for chapped lips

When you have cracked lips and dryness it’s almost an automatic reaction to reach for the nearest or cheapest lip balm, but it’s also possible that your lip balm is doing more harm than good.

Not all lip balms have been created the same, and just like any other ingredient that you put into or onto your body—you should evaluate what ingredients make up your lip balm.

If you have sensitive lips or suffer from dry lips and cold sores, it may be time to evaluate what your lip balm contains to ensure you are giving your lips the very best care. Many “at home” tips claim that using petroleum jelly is a cost-effective way to maintain hydration in the skin of your lips.

Environmental factors and your lips

Just like the skin on your face, your lip health heavily relies on environmental factors. If you already have sensitive lips, it’s important to ensure your lip balm or lip care is providing the necessary hydration and care that your lips may need.

If your lips dry out, your lips and the surrounding areas may crack while you are talking or have your mouth open. This could be incredibly painful.

Environmental factors such as dry air blowing onto your lips and cold wind may dry out your lips. Outdoor exposure in cold weather could also make lips feel dry and many people tend to forget to protect their lips in cooler weather. But this is most likely the most important time to ensure your lips are adequately protected.

Chapped lips

Over time, dead skin cells form on your lips as they try to regenerate—this is what we refer to as chapped lips. Lips that appear visibly very dry, and the dead skin is visible on the surface in terms of flaking and peeling.

The first step to care for chapped lips is to return hydration to your lips by ensuring that you invest in a good lip balm.

The first step before hydration, however, should be exfoliation!

Lip exfoliation

Lip exfoliation means removing any excess dry or dead skin to make your lips smooth, and prepare your lips for the moisturization process. This could be achieved by making use of a gentle lip scrub followed by removing the lip scrub with a damp washcloth.

If you have already sensitive skin or your already sensitive lips are very painful, cracked or bleeding, then it may not be advisable to use a lip scrub just yet. It may be preferable to rather hydrate them with a lip balm or mineral oil that may help soothe rawness until they have healed.

Once this has happened and if you still require assistance to smooth your lips, then you may want to make use of a gentle scrub to exfoliate the lips.

Simple and amazing tips include creating your own scrub with the use of brown sugar mixed with a gentle oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. This creates a gentle and easy to use lip scrub.

Not all lip balms are created the same

Unfortunately, not all lip products are created equal and if you want to protect your lips, it’s important to ensure that the lip products that you use have the correct ingredients.

Lip balm may offer the ease of moisturization on the go. A lip balm can conveniently be carried in your handbag, purse or even your pocket enabling you to apply lip balm while you are out and about.

Peppermint oil is often an ingredient that is added to products, which may help “plump” your lips. The problem with this ingredient is that it may be irritating on the lips, especially with initial sensitivity.

It may be advisable to avoid lip balms containing peppermint oil if you already have sensitivity.

Lips tend to be neglected in beauty regimes

We always remember to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize the skin on our face, shampoo and condition our hair… but how often are you taking care of your lips?

Yes, we may use a lip moisturizer or apply lip balm throughout the day… but do you exfoliate your lips, do you moisturize before you get chapped lips, and most importantly, do you use a good lip balm?

Oftentimes if you don’t stay hydrated and frequently lick your lips, the saliva evaporates and may dry them out.

A moisturizing product such as the Seratopical Love Your Lips Moisturizer with clinically backed ingredients infused with CBD may replace moisture in your lips, helping to avoid chapped lips.

Seratopical Love Your Lips Lip Balm

The Seratopical Love Your Lips lip balm by SeraLabs with clinically-backed ingredients infused with CBD may offer the benefits of moisturizing and nourishing oils for you      to pamper your lips.

The result may be soft lips that are supple, firmer, and look naturally healthy.

Sunflower oil, rosemary extract, and cocoa butter may help your lips to stay hydrated for that perfect pout—a lip product that you shouldn’t leave the house without.

Lip care made easy

With ingredients such as cocoa butter, sunflower oil, natural beeswax and rosemary extract infused with CBD combined into one easy to apply lip moisturizer, it’s easy to ensure the skin on your lips may be getting the very best care      .






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