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CBD Flowin’ Like Maple Syrup in Vermont

They say old hippies don’t die – they just fade away…or retire to Vermont! The Green Mountain State of Vermont is home to the infamous Woodstock Music Festival of 1969 as well as the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Headquarters. Another great thing besides ice cream and great music that folks from the “hippy generation” (or any of us!) can find in abundance in Vermont is the elixir of CBD.

Is CBD Legal in Vermont?

Technically, Vermont was one of the first states in the nation to legalize medical marijuana back in 2004, with Senate Bill 76, and with that, CBD products also became legal to use for medicinal purposes. However, because of a quirk in the law, while CBD can be possessed and used, it cannot be sold in the state. The challenge with this situation is that even if authorities don’t enforce the ban on selling CBD, reputable companies are wary about opening shop in the state. This leaves local consumers at the mercy of an unregulated market in Vermont.

The law in Vermont has legalized CBD derived from marijuana as well as industrial hemp. The CBD can be utilized for both therapeutic and recreational use. According to the law, registered patients can buy CBD for therapeutic use from state-authorized dispensaries. Doctors can authorize a patient as long as there is a bona fide doctor-patient relationship. A qualifying relationship between the patient and the doctor must have existed for not less than six months, and relevant documents must support this. The requirement for a six-months patient-doctor relationship may be waived if the patient has a terminal illness, cancer that had metastasized to different parts of the body, or HIV/AIDS.

Once a qualifying doctor issues the recommendation for a medical marijuana card, the patient then goes to the Vermont Marijuana Registry from where they get the card. If the patient is too incapacitated to use the card due to deterioration of their health, a card may be given to a caregiver. Medical marijuana, including CBD, is only legal for people who have one of the medical conditions listed in the law as follows: HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, and other conditions manifest themselves in severe and intractable symptoms. Diseases and treatment regimens that lead to the following conditions also qualify a person to use CBD and medical marijuana in Vermont legally: wasting syndrome (Cachexia), hyperemesis (severe nausea), and severe pain or seizures. The amount of CBD that a person can possess even under these circumstances is restricted by law. The law in Vermont, therefore, while it allows for usage of medical marijuana and CBD is quite strict in the manner in which it controls it.

CBD: Full-spectrum vs. Isolate

We used to believe that isolating the cannabidiol, or CBD, molecule from the hemp plant made it more potent. But new research is finding that when CBD is ingested with other cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBC, the effect is up to three times more powerful. This is called the “entourage effect” and over a dozen studies have shown it is now a far superior way to maximize a CBD supplement and boost your body’s bliss! When all of the cannabinoids work together the entourage effect can assist in achieving improved immunity, restful sleep, uplifted mood, and fast but lasting pain relief. So, when looking for the best quality CBD oil, be sure it says “full-spectrum” on the label.

CBD Benefits

Although the research is still in its infancy, there is evidence that CBD has a number of wellness benefits including stimulating a healthy immune system, helping support a normal sleep cycle, and maintaining healthy joint mobility. Furthermore, CBD helps you maintain an everyday positive healthy mood and has a number of beneficial results when used in skincare.

Buying CBD Online

CBD products sold online run the gamut and include tinctures, lotions & creams, edibles like gummies, capsules, coffees and teas, and even skincare, beauty products and pet care. Most experts agree that the Farm Bill makes it clear that consumers can legally buy these products if they’re made from low- or zero-THC hemp. If the CBD product is hemp-derived, there is very little risk for consumers when purchasing CBD online. To buy effective CBD oil from a reliable source, make sure to check out the impressive range of high-quality pure CBD isolate and full-spectrum products available at SeraLabs offers some of the highest quality CBD products.

What is Hemp-Derived CBD?

Both marijuana plants, cannabis and hemp, produce cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD molecule is the same in both cannabis sources. However, from a legal perspective, CBD products derived from hemp and CBD products derived from cannabis are entirely different.

Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol (CBD) is a plant-derived compound from Cannabis sativa, the species of plant that includes both hemp and marijuana, but from different plant varieties or cultivars. CBD is the primary non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, whereas tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is cannabis’s primary psychoactive compound. CBD is classified based on its level of THC and plant origin.

Cannabis contains a richer source of cannabinoids and terpenes than industrial hemp because it contains more resin. Resin is the sticky substance found on female cannabis flowers, and to a lesser extent, on its leaves. Hemp plants contain resin on the flowers and leaves too, but much less.

Hemp-Derived CBD vs. Hemp Seed Oil

You might be curious about the difference between hemp-derived CBD oil and hemp seed oil. SeraLabs CEO and founder, Nancy Duitch says, “…there are no health benefits from hemp seed oil at all. You are just as well off drinking a bottle of virgin olive oil… It’s very critical that you look at the back of the bottle and see if it says ‘cannabidiol’ on it.” It’s imperative that you check to see that the CBD is made with high quality ingredients.

What Dose is Right For Me?

Everyone wants to experience the benefits of CBD but finding the right dose can be a challenge. No one’s tolerance is exactly the same because everyone’s endocannabinoid system is a little bit different. We recommend starting with a low dose, 1 dropper, of CBD oil and working your way up to a higher dose if you don’t see results. SeraLabs offers a wide range of CBD oil tinctures from 400mg – 1,000mg. Often the best way to see the effects of CBD is to use the products regularly and then stop. People often report that they notice the effects upon stopping treatment. Remember it’s not about what you’re feeling, it’s about what you’re not feeling!

Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use under the age of 18. Consult your healthcare provider before taking. Do not take if pregnant or lactating. This product contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight and will not produce any psychoactive effects. Please consult your healthcare provider for interaction with other medication.

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