Protect your skin while you sleep

Protect your skin while you sleep

When we climb into bed at night, preparing our bodies for a night of rest ahead, it’s important that we take steps to protect our skin while we are sleeping.

The way in which we sleep, and how we prepare our skin before we go to bed can impact how our skin ages and how it looks in the morning.

I’m sure we’ve all woken up in the morning with puffy eyes and crinkles and wrinkles on our face and décolletage. These creases and sleep lines may disappear as the day goes on, but unfortunately repeatedly creating lines and creases while we sleep may lead to permanent wrinkles on our skin.

The way in which we sleep and how we prepare and hydrate our skin before going to bed may help reduce this.

The effect of sleep deprivation on our skin

Poor sleep or low-quality sleep may lead to dull skin, puffy eyes and dark circles underneath our eyes. Not only does poor sleep affect our mental state and bodily functions, it may also impact the physical appearance of our skin.

No eye cream in the world can replace a better night’s sleep. If you are sleep deprived, you can apply all the eye cream and skin care products in the world – but your skin may still look tired, and your eyes may have dark rings under them.

Regeneration of skin cells during our beauty sleep

It’s really important to get enough sleep every single night. A good night’s sleep is needed for our body to regenerate itself, to make use of certain functions, repair cells and maintain a healthy functioning immune system.

Good quality sleep is also incredibly important for the health and visible appearance of our skin. Our skin cells regenerate in our skin while we sleep. Healthy skin is a good sleep away!

Ideally, we should aim for at least seven to nine hours of sleep per night to help ensure glowing skin. This is the reason why it’s called beauty sleep. Getting enough sleep is probably one of the most important things you can do for your skin.

It’s also really important to prepare your skin before you sleep, and there are ways you may help to  protect your skin while you sleep as well. Protecting your skin while you sleep may help to create younger looking, smooth, healthy skin.

Removing dead skin cells before you sleep

As our skin cells regenerate during sleep, and we may  the opportunity t for  collagen production while we sleep.

Simply preparing our skin correctly before bed time can mean that our skin does the rest of the work while we sleep, and the result may be firmer, plumper looking skin that glows!

Exfoliating at least two to three times per week is a fantastic way that may  cell turnover. Remember increased cell turnover may result in increased collagen production – and that’s what we want for firmer, younger looking skin!

Exfoliating your skin before you sleep is a great way  to remove dead skin cells, prepare your skin for moisture and you are not going to be exposed to dirt and free radicals the way your skin is during the day time.

Exfoliation may also help to create that glowing complexion you’ve been searching for.

Protecting your skin during sleep

Our skin is delicate, especially as we age and our skin gets thinner and less supple. Going to bed with make up on our skin is a big ‘no no’. We wear makeup in the day time, we should not be wearing it while we sleep.

Sleep time is the opportunity for our skin to breathe! The opportunity for our skin’s natural oils to work their magic with  the skin barrier.

A good skin care routine before bedtime that results in clean skin and adequate moisture is really all that you need. You could even incorporate a serum or moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid for that added moisture boost and healthy glow before sleep time.

A concentrated serum such as the Seratopical Super Booster Serum, infused with CBD, applied before bedtime can help to address the multiple signs of aging. Our RP3 anti-aging triple peptide complex provides powerful benefits to the skin while you sleep.

Fine lines while you sleep

Unfortunately, fine lines are created while we sleep. But the good news is that there are steps that may help to reduce the amount of, and the intensity of the facial creases created while we sleep.

It’s almost unavoidable that we will create creases and lines in our skin while we sleep. In an ideal world, we would all sleep dead straight on our backs and not move or shuffle at all during our sleep.

But we don’t live in an ideal world, and this is an impossible expectation. We move in our sleep, shifting positions as our body wishes, and this often means we wake up laying sideways half squishing our face into our pillow. Hello creases and wrinkles!

Especially as we age, our delicate skin can begin to form permanent creases and fine lines and those may turn into wrinkles.

The anti-aging benefits of making use of a high-quality pillow and using silk pillowcases may be worth the investment.

A high-quality pillow may help to improve the way your skin looks when you wake up each day. A silk pillowcase may also help to reduce the number of creases and wrinkles created from lying on your side.

Silk is softer and also gentler on the skin, it doesn’t absorb the skins moisture When you sleep on cotton all you are doing is making your pillowcase softer as cotton does absorb the moisture from your skin.

Clinically backed ingredients such as Collagen, Elastin and antioxidants may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles created during sleep.

These powerful ingredients are present in our Seratopical Super Booster Serum with CBD. A great serum to apply before you sleep!





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