Alcohol-free skin care products

Alcohol-free skincare products

Alcohol-free skin care products

Skincare may be one of the most crucial factors to living a long and healthy life in your own skin. While there are commonalities in all of us in terms of our skin, each one of us have our own unique set of worries or concerns depending on our type of skin, exposure to various external factors, and so on. There are many different trends when it comes to skincare, with some people believing that a simple routine is best, others opting for plant-based products only (such as green tea, shea butter, witch hazel etc.), and still others looking for various products that might contain added nutrients and vitamins. Alcohol is often used in beauty products and it may possibly help reduce excess oil for those with oily skin. It could, however, also potentially dry out the skin, and as such you may want to avoid harsh chemicals. Let's take a look at how alcohol may affect your skin, for better or for worse.

What are alcohol-free skincare products?

Alcohol-free skincare products are products that do not contain any ingredients containing alcohols that may be detrimental to your skin or your overall skin health. Ethanol is one type of alcohol that may be harmful for your skin and should probably be avoided.

Is alcohol bad for your skin?

The human skin contains a barrier that traps oils that are produced by the skin, ensuring that the skin is moisturized. . Certain alcohols in skincare products may be seen as bad alcohols, this being due to the possibility that they may create havoc on the PH balance of the skin which may be vital for maintaining balance of acidity levels in the skin. When reading skincare labels, it's important to take note of what kind of alcohol is used in the skincare product. There are alcohols that may not be good for your skin, but there are some that may be fine.

Denatured alcohol

Denatured alcohol is a basic alcohol, mixed with other ingredients. It may also be referred to as SD alcohol or alcohol denat. As with other alcohols in skincare products, alcohol denat may lead to skin becoming extra dry. Using products with denatured alcohol can lead to the erosion of the skin’s surface, leading to a weakened skin barrier.

Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is another common form of alcohol used in cosmetic products. As with the other alcohol ingredients, it may remove natural oil in the skin and have a drying effect on the outer layer of the skin's surface. Isopropyl in skincare has no nourishing effects and leads to dry, flaky skin. This alcohol may also be considered one of the “bad alcohols.”

Cetearyl alcohol

While the previous two alcohols mentioned may not be beneficial for the skin, cetearyl alcohol is considered one of the fatty alcohols. Commonly found in coconut oil and palm oil, this alcohol may assist in maintaining moisture as opposed to stripping oils already existing in skin. Ceteraryl alcohol is used mostly in cosmetics, and hair products.

Oily skin and alcohol

Oily skin may be characterized by a shiny appearance and problematic skin tone or show signs of pigmentation. It is often thought that skincare products that contain alcohol are good for oily skin, but one should be careful of overdoing it with products that contain alcohol as they may make the skin overly dry and interfere with the skin's protective acid mantle.

Sensitive skin and alcohol

Sensitive skin is characterized by having a reaction of some kind to topical ingredients, such as chemicals and even face cream, or fabrics. People with sensitive skin may break out in rashes or show skin irritation, or skin redness.. Using alcohol-based beauty products on sensitive skin may have a negative impact on the skins PH balance, and alcohol-free products may be better for use on this skin type.

Combination skin and alcohol

Those with combination skin may notice some patches of dry skin and some patches of oily skin in the facial area. Facial products with alcohol may be highly effective in treating oily skin and clogged pores, however it may also strip the skin of oils and possibly disturb the skin's moisture. When selecting the right products – you may want to be cautious in what you choose.

Alcohol-free face wash

Face wash is intended to remove the pollution, dirt and impurities that may lead to clogged pores, which build up during the day and overnight. Alcohol-free products are said to lock in moisture and may keep your skin hydrated. Our skin contains an ingredient called hyaluronic acid, which is said to hold water, and therefore may help to retain moisture in the skin. Alcohol-free face wash may help to keep the skin more hydrated, no matter your skin type. Another benefit of alcohol-free face wash is that it is gentle on most skin types.

Alcohol-free toner

The purpose of a toner may be to help remove any remaining dirt and impurities from the face after cleansing, also acting as a makeup remover. Some toners that contain alcohol may leave the face with a tight feeling, whereas an alcohol-free toner may be more likely to maintain the protective layer of the skin and the much-needed moisture. One toner with key ingredients to add to your personal care routine is Seratopical Revolution Harmony Face and Neck Toner with plant-based ingredients. It is made using Witch Hazel, Coriander Seed Oil, and Coconut Water, known for their amazing moisturizing properties.

Alcohol-free moisturizer

Moisturizer may be one essential key to locking in skin's hydration and may help to stop dry skin. Not using moisturizer may lead to a drying effect on your skin. An effective alcohol-free skincare routine should possibly include a final layer of moisturizer. Certain moisturizers do contain fatty alcohols, as these may help to lock in the moisture and improve the thickness of the product. Adding a moisturizer may be a very effective nourishing step in the beauty regime.

In summary

On the whole, alcohol-free skincare products may be lighter and gentler on the skin, and this may apply to all skin types. The Seratopical skincare suite with plant-based ingredients is alcohol-free, locking in moisture and hydration. Try the Seratopical Revolution Harmony Face and Neck Toner for an alcohol-free toner packed with healthy ingredients that may help to keep your skin moisturized. Its Vanilla Essence smells fantastic while keeping your skin supple and glowing SOURCES:
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