An unmitigated passion for beautiful skin and wellness, backed by science.

You've probably got a drawer full of beauty and wellness products you've spent hundreds of dollars on that were bought with high anticipation, only to have that hope dashed by disappointment. Well, we've been there too.

That's why our focus is on combining science-based formulations with patented, cutting-edge delivery systems that result in affordable products that keep their promise, and delight the end-user. We wake up every day excited to forge new trails and shift the skincare and wellness paradigm from one of failure to unprecedented success.


We knew we were really making a mark in the industry two years ago when the phone rang in the main office, and it was representation of Nicole. Seems, she was using Seratopical products and couldn't believe the results and wanted to talk to the owners.  See, her dream was to help us create a legacy skincare brand that was affordable to everyone, it needed to be alcohol free, natural, and plant based.  She has worked diligently with our team to create Seratopical Revolution and even chose the delicious essential vanilla essence scent; and we are all so proud of how the line turned out. Wow, she came to the right place!