Caring for your skin after cosmetic surgery

Caring For Your Skin After Facelifts and Cosmetic Procedures

Caring For Your Skin After Facelifts and Cosmetic Procedures

While none of us can stop the hands of time altogether, a facelift or dermal fillers can take years away from your appearance. However, you can’t ignore your skin after any procedure, as your skin is still there and subject to all the environmental issues that it had before. The way you care for your skin after your dermal procedure will play a major role in determining how long you may be able to enjoy those beautiful results. And even if you’re not doing a dermal procedure you need to pay close attention to what causes us to look older and how to stop the damage to our precious skin. As we age our skin can become dryer and may show age spots, and its important to pay close attention to how you hydrate your skin. While we all want tightened and firm skin, it’s how and what we do that’s equally important. You can still have many of the benefits you are looking for, tightening, firming, hydration with a natural plant-based skincare. Choosing a skincare that does not have alcohol in the ingredients is essential for hydration. Alcohol dissolves the natural oil from the surface of the skin, and natural oils are necessary for preventing the evaporation of moisture and damage. The more hydrated your skin the less chance for those pesky lines and wrinkles. We tend to believe that chemically enhanced skincare can do it all, the more expensive brand must work, right? Not so, investing in a product that has a natural plant-based peptide delivery system that can deliver essential ingredients directly into your skin, and not just sitting on the surface, may help with rebuilding lost collagen and elastin. Just as important for our skin is eating the right foods and limiting or eliminating the wrong foods from your diet. Sugar, for example, acts as an enemy of any anti-aging efforts because it triggers a chemical process called glycation. During this process, sugar molecules damage proteins, lipids, and other important molecules necessary for optimum skin health. Seralabs, along with their Global Brand Ambassador & Strategic Partner Nicole Kidman, have taken the time to research and invest in a propriety patented plant-based peptide delivery system called P3P. And now their Seratopcial Revolution Skincare Line, a natural plant-based skincare with no alcohol, delivers essential ingredients for your skin to hydrate, tighten, and firm. Here are 5 tips that will help your skin look beautiful, tighten, toned, and refreshed from the Seratopical Revolution Skincare Line:


Cleansing your face gently to remove dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants is essential for prepping your skin for the next round of moisture. CLARITY is packed with peptides and antioxidants that truly balance and moisturize your skin while cleaning it.


Toner applied after washing your face can smooth, soften, and calm the skin. As we age this step gets ignored, but it’s important to replenish and restore nutrients, HARMONY with a touch of Vanilla Essence, Coriander Seed, and Coconut water will revitalize your skin.


GLEAMING with its revolutionary skin brightening formula of Licorice Extract, combined with Coriander Seed Oil, and Fruit Extracts, help to fade away age spots and bring life back to dull skin.


Moisturizing properly can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin. FREEDOM, the word says it all, the freedom to have a natural plant-based moisturizer that’s non greasy, with the P3P patented peptide delivery, to deeply hydrate the skin while giving it a boost of Collagen, Coriander Seed Oil, Vitamin A, and Jojoba Seed Oil.


Give your eyes some love, ADORING with the patented P3P Complex and fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, Coriander Seed Oil, and loaded with antioxidants for smoothing those line and wrinkles around your precious eyes. Just remember we all want to look younger, and we can, with natural plant-based powerful peptides, carefully selected ingredients, and no alcohol, that creates healthier, hydrated, glowing skin.
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