Crows Feet: How to Reduce, Treat & Prevent Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

Crows Feet: How to Reduce, Treat & Prevent Wrinkles Around Your Eyes

While there certainly is nothing wrong with crow’s feet, many prefer to do what they can to reduce their appearance. Thankfully, there are plenty of lifestyle habits and skincare steps you can implement to treat and prevent crow’s feet for more youthful eyes. 

What are Crow's Feet?

Crow’s feet are fine lines and wrinkles that develop around the outer corner of the eye. While they may initially only be noticeable when you squint, over time, they start to become more prominent – even when your face is at rest. 

When Do Crow’s Feet Start to Begin?

You might be wondering: at what age do crow’s feet begin? Everyone ages at a different pace, so there’s not one single answer. It can depend on someone’s genetics, as well as numerous lifestyle factors and external triggers. That said, crow’s feet are often one of the first visible signs of aging that someone will notice on their face. Many will start to develop faint crow’s feet as soon as they are in their 20s, whereas others may not notice them until their 30s or 40s. 

What Causes Crow's Feet?

Repetitive facial movements are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to crow’s feet. Think about the many facial expressions you make in a day. Whether you are smiling, frowning, or something in between, your eyes are almost always involved. It’s no wonder crow’s feet can become so noticeable at a relatively early age!

In addition to these repetitive facial movements, these lines are also caused by the decline in collagen and elastin – the proteins that give our skin strength and elasticity. Our body naturally has less and less of these proteins as we age. This is in part due to the natural aging process, as well exposure to external factors (like UV light and pollution) that can damage these proteins. This can make our skin more prone to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and elsewhere.  


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How Do You Prevent Crow’s Feet?

If you’re curious about how to prevent crow’s feet, these are some of the most effective over-the-counter treatments and lifestyle changes for softening current lines and slowing down the formation of new wrinkles. 

Over-the-Counter Options to Treat Crow’s Feet

With consistent use of highly effective, expertly formulated topical products, you can treat and prevent crow’s feet. 

One of the most powerful formulas on the market is DNA Complex, which is designed to be suitable for twice daily use. This innovative anti-aging eye serum harnesses the power of a patent-pending skincare technology that starts working as soon as it is applied to the skin. In fact, the potent formula helps visibly soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and under eye bags in just two minutes. 

At the heart of the DNA Complex formula are peptides. These anti-aging ingredients work deep in the skin, helping to firm while softening the look of crow’s feet and other lines around the eyes. They work alongside alpha hydroxy acids that further help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, as well as glycerin, which helps plump the skin with hydration. The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula instantly restores the skin while working in the long-term to rejuvenate the eye area, promoting supple, youthful skin. 

For an extra layer of prevention against crow’s feet, consider combining DNA Complex with Adoring Advanced Eye Formulation. This multi-tasking serum – which is powered by peptides, jojoba seed oil, coriander seed extract, and hyaluronic acid – is crafted to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet. At the same time, it helps hydrate while brightening the skin and minimizing puffiness for energized eyes and supple and soft skin. 

These two serums can be layered on top of each other (apply Adoring first, followed by DNA Complex). You can also alternate your usage of the two anti-aging formulas. 

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Crow’s Feet

Topical products are your key to tackling crow’s feet, but there are also a few lifestyle changes you can implement to prevent future lines from forming.

One of your best tools to fight against crow’s feet is sunscreen. UV light causes skin damage, weakening collagen and elastin and causing premature signs of aging. Wear – and reapply! – sunscreen around the eyes daily to keep the delicate skin guarded against the harmful effects of the sun. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to wear sunglasses when you’re outside. This works in two ways. First, your sunglasses will add an extra layer of defense against UV light. Just be sure your pair is polarized! Second, you won’t need to squint your eyes as much. By reducing these repetitive facial movements, you’ll slow down the formation of crow’s feet.

For the fastest and most visible results, the key is to be consistent – both with your skincare routine, as well as with these lifestyle habits. By giving the skin around your eyes the support and protection it needs, you can effectively treat crow’s feet while stopping new lines in their tracks. 

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