Hydrated, resilient skin leads to brighter skin

Hydrated, Resilient Skin

Hydrated, resilient skin leads to brighter skin

It is widely known that the skin is the largest organ of the body. Almost all of us are looking to improve our skin’s appearance - aiming for gleaming, healthy-looking skin. The good news is that the overall health of skin and perfect skin tone starts from within and can be improved by staying hydrated and maintaining consistent skin care. As healthy skin begins from within, there are many things you can do throughout the day including upping your water intake may help in reducing wrinkles, improving circulation and staying hydrated. In this article we will take you through the importance of water for your body, as well as what leads to brighter, more hydrated and glowing skin. Read on!

Water and Your Skin

Our body is made up of 70% water, and water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption of many vitamins and minerals, and even excretion. If your skin doesn't get enough water it will become dry and flaky with a dull appearance. Here are a few amazing benefits to drinking plenty of water every day:

Collagen Production

Water helps to stimulate collagen production. Water makes up about 60% of the weight of collagen, drinking more water keeps not only your body hydrated but your collagen cells hydrated too, and may help with less wrinkles and a tighter skin appearance.

Increased Elasticity

Water is the main ingredient in moisturized and beautiful looking skin, and increases skin elasticity. It is recommended that adults drink 8 - 10 glasses of water per day, to prevent skin from looking and feeling dull, dry and itchy. Increasing your skin’s elasticity may help reduce fine lines resulting in a visible difference.

Can Hydration Brighten Skin?

Simply put—absolutely. Flushing toxins from your body and improving circulation helps to give your skin a natural glow. Like any other organ in the body, your skin is made up of cells, and skin cells are made up of water As we get older, due to excess skin and gravity, our skin begins to sag. Sagging skin may be kept at bay by drinking enough water. Your elasticity may be improved and your skin tightens making it bounce back from sagging and improving the overall health and appearance. Get into the good habit of upping H2O levels as well as your health by drinking water when you wake up in the morning.


What Makes Your Skin Brighter?

There are multiple methods to improve the skin's complexion aside from daily water intake such as using various skin care products. Here are a few hints and tips on exactly what to do to assist in making your skin appearance brighter:

Regular Cleansing for Every Skin Type

Daily cleansing of your skin removes debris like dirt and excess oil as well as external particles caused by air pollution that clog the skin cells. Daily cleansing and a healthy skin care routine is a good habit to start, and can lead to clear, brighter skin and may help reduce the signs of aging.

Exfoliate for a Glowing Skin Surface

Exfoliation is a great way to remove dead skin cells and improve your complexion. When you exfoliate, you remove the outer layer of dead skin cells revealing a smooth and glowing surface. Many exfoliating treatments include glycolic acid to help keep your pores clear.

Gleaming Brightener with Licorice Root Extract

Hydrating for Brighter Skin

Hydrating skin includes not only drinking water but also using a skin moisturizer to up the hydration levels. While exfoliation is healthy for your skin, it can leave skin sun exposed, leading to brown spots, which makes moisturizing and protecting your skin vital. Drinking enough water also plays an important part to hydration. Your body loses large amounts of water every day, and must be replaced by water intake. Added to this, water flushes the toxins from your body, leaving skin glowing and radiant.

Exercise for Skin Health

Exercise is vital for not only skin health, but your overall health as well. Two to three workouts a week can result in a more radiant, glowing complexion. Exercise will also lead to you increasing water intake, resulting in a bright and hydrated appearance.

Up Your Vitamin Intake

Part of ensuring bright and healthy skin is upping your vitamin intake. To do this aim to eat two to three cups of nutrient rich, colorful fruit and vegetables per day.

Using Skin Care Products

Introducing skin care products to your daily skin care routine will ensure that you aid the natural methods of exercise, drinking water and eating vitamin rich foods to improve skin appearance. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that is naturally present in the skin and can be supplemented by products that contain it. The job of hyaluronic acid is to hold water, and therefore it plumps up the skin. Seratopical Revolution’s Gleaming Brightener is another skincare product that will enhance your natural radiance. It is formulated with Licorice Extract and combined with Coriander Seed Oil and fruit extracts. SeraLabs Gleaming Brightener may help to fade age spots and bring life back to dull skin.

Inside Out Getting Your Skin to Glow

We briefly mentioned above the link between what you put inside your body and what the outside of your body looks like. Often neglected, this large organ needs enough nourishment in order to create a glowing complexion. Superfoods are a fast way to ensure a radiant look and appearance. Vitamin C is a superfood , and is a crucial addition to your diet for healthy skin. Eating foods that are high in good fats such as nuts can also offer many benefits - and they keep you fuller for longer!

Restoring Your Skin's Resilience in Your 40's

As we age our lifestyle changes and signs of aging increase. These signs of aging include wrinkles and fine lines on the décolletage. While the aging process is natural, we would all like to reduce the visible signs of aging as much as we can. As you age your skin becomes dryer and you actually lose more water - this makes it even more important to stay hydrated. Skin gets thinner and begins to sag due to the loss of collagen and elastin, and brown spots may appear due to exposure to the sun. Skin resilience essentially means to improve your skin's ability to protect itself. To maintain your skins resilience as you age, be sure to:
  • Use products that contain clinically backed or active ingredients that will may help to protect your skin's natural ability to bounce back.
  • Drink water in large quantities to stay as hydrated as possible. Keep track of how much water you drink by recording this on a smart watch, app, or a simple journal.
  • Re-evaluate your skin type. As you age your skin changes and so should your routine to ensure clear and resilient skin.

It's Time for Hydrated and Resilient Skin

For your skin's sake, and for clear skin that glows, it's time to invest in healthy regimens.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and encouraging cell turnover.
  • Retain moisture by using moisturizers that prevent dry skin.
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices by eating plenty of nutrient rich foods and exercising.
  • Exfoliate to clear your pores, allow your skin to absorb moisture, , and leave you with a smooth, glowing surface.
If you're looking for a product that may help you in your journey to brighter healthier skin, why not consider SeraLabs Seratopical Revolution Gleaming Brightener. An ideal addition to your daily routine, SeraLabs Gleaming Brightener is formulated with Licorice Extract and combined with Coriander Seed Oil and fruit extracts that may help to fade age spots and bring life back to dull skin.
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