Nicole Kidman’s Flawless Met Gala Skin Called on This Facelift in a Bottle That’s Selling Fast

Nicole Kidman’s Flawless Met Gala Skin Called on This Facelift in a Bottle That’s Selling Fast

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Say bye-bye to under-eye creases for good.

Nicole Kidman Met Gala Undereye


While some celebrities have red carpet secrets they’re not ready to share, others are more willing to let their fans in on how they prepared for big, flashy, highly watched events like the 2023 Met Gala. Nicole Kidman, who never fails to make a beauty look a moment, didn’t gatekeep the products behind her dewy complexion — one of which is the just-launched Seratopical Revolution DNA Complex you’ll want to add to your lineup ASAP.

Kidman’s skin is always in tip-top shape, and a lot of that can be linked to good genes and a good skincare routine with a stellar lineup of products — the latter of which is chock-full of SeraLab’s products. In fact, Kidman’s been an ambassador and strategic partner for the brand since 2020, once sharing with InStyle that the reason she loves using its products is because they “make my skin smooth and hydrated.” The flawlessness behind her Met Gala look is proof. 

The hero product was obviously Seratopical’s newest DNA Complex that can best be summed up as being a facelift in a bottle. Per the product description, “The peptides in DNA Complex allow a lift to the face without undergoing any needles or surgery,” so it’s basically a quick, non-scary fix that just makes sense to use pre-red carpet outing (or really, pre-anyouting).

Nicole Kidman Met Gala Undereye

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The game-changing formula includes the brand’s patent-pending DNA Complex that’s packed with deep nano actives and compounds that go deep into the skin, in turn tightening and lifting for a smooth, younger-looking complexion. What’s more, the easy-to-use formula is a delicious-feeling gel that glides seamlessly onto the skin and is quick-drying and residue-free, so it works perfectly under makeup, creating a smooth, seamless canvas for your concealer (AKA, no crease lines midway through the day!). 

This product launched just a few months ago, but the demand is clearly there. In fact, the brand notes that due to extremely high interest, it might take a few weeks to get the product to your door. But, it’s clearly worth it. As one reviewer notes, “​​There’s really no other product quite like this one. [It] works beautifully on my skin and lifts my face instantly!” they wrote. “I recommend this to anyone who wants to minimize their wrinkles and fine lines.”

The Kidman-used serum will cost you $100, which is worth it for a facelift-in-a-bottle-type of effect. Count me in.

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