The positive effects of exercise on your skin

The positive effects of exercise on your skin

The positive effects of exercise on your skin

We all know the physical benefits of exercise, and most of us engage in some form of physical exercise activities, may offer potential health benefits and for other reasons such as so to build muscle or maintain a healthy weight. But how many of us know the benefits of skin health that can be experienced from exercise? Exercise may hold possible benefits for boosting our immune system and keeping our immune system healthy. The saying 'beauty comes from within' may just be true when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, because a well-functioning immune system, a healthy diet and a healthy body may help to ensure you have healthy skin. A healthy lifestyle overall, inclusive of a healthy diet, adequate water intake and sufficient physical exercise may all help benefit your skin cells, overall skin health and result in a healthy glow and clear complexion.

Exercise for skin health

How does exercise benefit your skin health? Well, when we move our bodies, increase our heart rates and get lungs pumping oxygen around our body - we are essentially increasing the blood circulation around our body. Increased blood flow or blood circulation may help to increase oxygen levels in the blood. As the blood circulates through our bodies, that may help in removing waste and toxins, and any environmental pollutants present in our skin cells, as well as to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the surface and underlying tissues of our skin. This is why after exercise; your skin may be glowing and look bright and healthy. This is what we call the post workout glow!

Exercising with oily skin

Many people with oily skin may avoid exercising because of a concern that sweaty clothes may lead to possible skin flare ups as oil production in the skin isn't as controlled as one would like it to be. There are however ways for people with this skin type to enjoy physical exercise and reduce their concern for skin problems to arise from the sweating process. Working out at cooler times of the day such as early morning or evening or wearing moisture wicking clothing instead of tight-fitting workout clothes may help reduce sweating. This may also be more helpful for running or cycling in the heat of the day - as running in the sunshine may require you to apply sunscreen which may lead to clog pores should you not make use of an oil free product. You can also consider exercise outdoors such as running or cycling, or even yoga or strength workouts in the park or your garden where there is plenty of fresh air to help reduce sweating on your skin. Removing make up and ensuring that you are exercising with clean skin may also help to keep any unwanted skin issues at bay. The increased circulation from exercise may help to increase oxygen and nutrients to your skin and your whole body and may potentially help to reduce toxins within your body which may result in unwanted skin conditions.

Skin cells regeneration

The benefits of exercise for skin aging are also important to consider. Skin aging that may result in fine lines may benefit greatly from physical workouts and exercise. Physical activity has been shown to improve overall health and with this are many long-term benefits such as potential anti-aging benefits for the skin. Increased blood flow from exercise and cardio workouts may help to pump more blood through the body and to the skin, and may possibly increasing the flow of vital nutrients to the skin's surface. Exercise benefits range to so much more than just weight loss and may potentially help to prevent clogged pores and may increase new skin cells. This is owing to the blood flow that increases when your heart starts to pump more blood around your body and the oxygen moving through your body at this same time.

Daily routine for healthy skin

Nobody wants to experience skin problems and creating a daily routine that suits your lifestyle and boosts your overall health may help to improve your skin's health from within.

Daily exercise

Physical activity incorporated into your daily lifestyle may help your body to experience less stress and increase the 'feel good' hormones that may help you to experience an overall positive mindset and feel confident. The post workout glow to start your day is another reason to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Starting your day off with a brisk walk, run or cycle and some strength exercises may not only boost your physical and mental state, but add a wonderful glow to your skin for the day ahead.

Post workout shower

Follow your workout with a warm or cool shower (depending on the climate at the time as both have their unique benefits), and your skin will feel refreshed. Finishing off a warm shower with a few seconds of cool or cold water has been shown to provide possible skin toning benefits as the cool water may cause the pores of the skin to close. Preparing the skin for the day ahead where it may be exposed to dirt and other free radicals.

Skin exercises

Skin exercise is another step you can work into your daily regime. Massaging the facial muscles with your fingertips or even a derma roller when or as you are applying your skin products may help to tone and tighten your skin. Helping to create an overall smooth complexion by boosting the health of your skin's barrier.

Alcohol free skin care

You can also incorporate the use of alcohol free, plant-based skin care products into your daily routine, such as Seratopical Revolution Gleaming Brightener. This brightener is formulated with plant based ingredients such as Licorice Extract and Coriander Seed Oil. Combined with fruit extracts to help to fade age spots and bring life back to dull skin. Gleaming is the best way to get your glow on!
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