Seratopical Gleaming Brightener: Ingredients Breakdown, Benefits & How To Add It To Your Skincare Regimen

Seratopical Gleaming Brightener: Ingredients Breakdown, Benefits & How To Add It To Your Skincare Regimen

One of the most-loved products in our Seratopical Revolution line is the top-rated Gleaming Brightener. Here is exactly how this expertly crafted serum works to transform the complexion, and why you’ll want to work it into your routine. 

What is the Seratopical Gleaming Brightener?

Gleaming Brightener is a clean daily face and neck serum that is designed to help all skin types achieve and maintain a radiant and younger-looking complexion. It’s made with a patented technology and potent ingredients that address some of the most common skin concerns (including uneven texture and tone) while improving overall strength for skin that both looks and feels its absolute best. 

Ingredient Breakdown

Gleaming is thoughtfully crafted with clean, plant-based ingredients that work in tandem to promote a glowing complexion and help reduce visible signs of aging. Here’s a look at the power players in this transformative serum: 

  • Licorice Root Extract: This anti-inflammatory extract is known for its ability to inhibit melanin production, which in turn helps fade discoloration for a more even skin tone. It also promotes calmer, more comfortable skin. 
  • Coriander Seed Extract: Coriander seed extract is packed with antioxidants that protect the skin against free radical damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.  
  • Jojoba Seed Oil: This nutrient-dense oil helps improve moisture levels as it nourishes for soft, strong, and healthy skin. 
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that shields the skin from harmful free radicals as it brightens the complexion and softens the look of signs of aging. 

  • Like the other skincare solutions in the Seratopical Revolution line, at the heart of Gleaming is our patented Proprietary Triple Peptide (P3P) Delivery System. This system encapsulates these ingredients in order to help them penetrate deep into the skin. By doing this, the active ingredients are able to work more effectively so that you can see and feel incredible results. 

    Top Benefits of Using the Seratopical Gleaming Brightener

    Thanks to the advanced P3P system and the powerful range of carefully selected ingredients, this serum is able to dramatically transform the complexion by addressing some of the top skin concerns facing men and women of all ages. 

    The Seratopical Gleaming Brightener benefits the skin by helping to lighten the appearance of dark spots and age spots for a radiant and even skin tone. At the same time, it helps boost hydration levels and improve smoothness for a soft and plump complexion. 

    Additionally, the potent ingredients support collagen and elastin production to enhance skin strength while also providing antioxidant benefits to keep the skin protected against the elements. In short, with daily usage, the serum will help keep your skin shielded from future damage while encouraging a bright and supple complexion. 

    How to Add the Seratopical Gleaming Brightener into Your Skincare Routine

    Anyone can benefit from adding this multi-tasker to their daily skincare routine. We recommend using our Gleaming serum both morning and night for the best, most visible results. After cleansing and toning, apply an even layer of the serum over the face and neck. Apply any other serums you may be using, and then follow up with a moisturizer (as well as sunscreen during the day). 

    Seratopical Gleaming Brightener Reviews

    We’re obviously huge Gleaming fans – but we aren’t the only ones! Here is just a sampling of some of the reviews from customers that have fallen in love with this advanced brightening serum: 

    “I purchased this because my skin felt dull, and OMG everyone has been commenting on how great my skin looks after a few weeks of use. This product is a game changer, I feel so confident now.” - Marsha M.

    “My dark spots have faded significantly after using this product…After looking far and wide for a serum that ACTUALLY lightens dark spots, this one is the best on the market.” - C

    “I have been using Gleaming for a couple of months now and my skin tone looks so incredible. My dark spots have faded and l look so much more glowing and even.” - Mary

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