So, what exactly is “skin cycling”, a nighttime skincare routine, that’s blown up on social media.

Wondering how this buzzy skincare trend works and how to try it in your own routine? Read on to discover what skin cycling is and how you can curate your own skin cycling routine, IF THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?

What is skin cycling?
Skin cycling is based around how to prevent irritation that occurs with too many active chemical ingredients and protect your skin’s barrier. To start, you’ll follow a four-day evening routine with one key type of product designated for each night.

The rotation begins with exfoliation on the first night, followed by retinol on the second night. The third and fourth nights are dedicated to recovery with skin barrier-protecting serums and moisturizers. Then, the cycle repeats.

What are the benefits of skin cycling?
Products like exfoliants and retinol can do a number on the look and feel of your skin when they’re overused (think irritation, dry and dull). So you are cycling these products throughout the week only to find out that it MAY help you avoid over-exfoliation and protect your skin barrier.

Now in our opinion Skin Cycling seems like a lot of work and you are still using harsh chemicals too it.

If you use skincare that is Clean, Plant-Based, Alcohol FREE, Chemical FREE, then you’ll never have to worry about damaging your skin barrier, and you will achieve incredible results without all the chemicals.

Here is a routine your skin can live with!

Every Day & Night 1: Exfoliation
Kick off your AM and PM with an exfoliating formula to help minimize the look of your pores, buff away dull or rough skin, and prep your face to receive the benefits from the rest of your products throughout the cycle. First, cleanse your face and make sure it’s 100 percent dry. Then, apply your chosen product.

For this step, one of our favorites is CLARITY PURIFYING FORMING CLEANSER. This fresh-foaming cleanser helps purify and exfoliate to unclog pores, leaving skin looking smooth and refined. 



Day & Night 2: Hydration:

Want a little spritz…HARMONY FACE & TONER, unlike anything you have ever used before.  After cleansing your skin spray this hydrating, soothing toner, with a touch of Vanilla Shimmer that will transport you with its heavenly scent.


Day & Night 3: Moisture
You should also never skip moisturizer. Apply FREEDOM DAY & NIGHT MOISTURIZER each night for a boost of hydration and firmer-feeling skin with plant-based collagen.

Every Night 4: Hydration
Some products are too essential to skip out on and should be used every day of your routine, including RADIANT FACE and NECK SERUM. Our groundbreaking serum offers skin the benefits of line reduction, firmness, even tone, strengthening, hydration, radiance, and antioxidants, and if the winter dryness is getting you down it’s perfect to add to your morning routine.

Seratopical Revolution is a full skincare routine that was developed by science to give you fresh, glowing, hydrated, wrinkle free skin, without any chemicals. With its revolutionary new delivery system, P3P Complex, a Tri-Peptide advanced chain of amino acids that penetrate your skin deeper than ever before. With P3P you will experience Collagen Rejuvenation, improved elasticity, and younger looking skin.

Seratopical Revolution products are cruelty-free, free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, nonylphenol ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarban, and hydroquinone.

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