What Does Plant-Based Skin Care Actually Mean?

What Does Plant-Based Skin Care Actually Mean?

We’ve been seeing plant-based skincare products explode in popularity over the past few years, especially in the green beauty world. More and more skincare aficionados are looking to “clean up” their skincare routine so to speak, opting for formulas powered by nature. That said, there are some misconceptions about what the term plant-based actually means. We’re here to clear up the definition, and to uncover why plant-based products deserve a spot in your routine. 

What is Plant-Based Skincare?

When you see a skincare product labeled as being plant-based, this typically means it has a high concentration of ingredients derived from natural sources, such as fruits, seeds, plants, and flowers. As people forgo formulas packed with toxins, chemicals, and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients, these nature-powered formulas have become increasingly popular. 

Benefits of Plant-Based Skincare

So why are so many people making the switch to plant-based skincare? One major benefit is that these formulas are often gentler on the skin compared to traditional products, yet are still just as effective. This makes it easy for you to maintain calm, comfortable skin while still targeting your goals. These formulas are also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that strengthen and protect the skin for long-term health. 

It’s especially important to note that formulas made with natural ingredients are often just as effective (if not more) than traditional products when it comes to targeting the most common skincare concerns. Researchers continue to uncover the power of nature-forward skincare, revealing how some of the most popular plant-derived ingredients rival their synthetic counterparts. 

Popular Plant-Based Ingredients

The list of plant-based ingredients is endless, but there are some popular options to keep an eye out for. If you’re looking to nourish and plump the skin with hydration, look for ingredients like coconut water, silk amino acids, and plant oils like jojoba and cranberry seed oils. Chamomile, aloe, and calendula are especially great plant-derived ingredients for soothing the skin, whereas we love willow bark extract and witch hazel for refreshing and toning the complexion. 

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Common Misconceptions

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a product that is marketed as being plant-based must also be 100% natural. While plant-based formulas do rely heavily on natural extracts, they may also contain other conventional ingredients. 

It’s important to note that a formula can still be safe and clean (often meaning free of potentially harmful additives like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and alcohol), even if they contain synthetic ingredients. Many companies expertly combine research-backed natural extracts with scientifically proven traditional ingredients to ensure the formula is stabilized, and to deliver the best possible results. 

Another false assumption is that plant-based products must be cruelty-free. However, plant-based and natural skincare products may still be tested on animals, at the discretion of the manufacturer. If sticking to cruelty-free formulas is important to you, it’s crucial that you confirm with the company prior to purchasing. 

Why Natural Skincare Matters

There’s a good reason people are prioritizing clean, nature-powered products. For the wellness of both our skin and our overall health, finding formulas that are free of potentially harmful additives is crucial. 

Thankfully, reaching for clean and plant-based products doesn’t have to mean sacrificing results. As skincare science continues to evolve, it’s become increasingly clear that we can use the power of plants to tackle our skincare goals and support the overall health of our complexion. 

Beyond that, we also need to take into consideration the environmental impact of the formulas we use. Plant-based products are typically more environmentally friendly compared to traditional formulas, due to their sourcing and manufacturing processes. 

Our Favorite Plant-Based Products

If you’re looking to add the power of plants to your routine, take a look at Seratopical Revolution. This skincare line features clean and cruelty-free formulas expertly designed to effectively target the most common skin concerns and needs. These products are made with a patented delivery system that allows the plant-based ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, where they are able to deliver the best, most visible results. 

Here are three of our favorite plant-based products in the Seratopical Revolution line:

  • Harmony Face & Neck Toner: This gentle, alcohol-free toner is designed to help hydrate, nourish, and calm while refreshing the skin. It’s also packed with antioxidants that help defend against damaging free radicals. 
  • Freedom Day & Night Moisturizer: As the ultimate anti-aging moisturizer, Freedom is carefully crafted with plant-based ingredients that help improve elasticity and firmness while smoothing lines and deeply hydrating for soft, supple skin. 
  • Adoring Under Eye Serum: This lightweight eye serum helps improve moisture levels in the skin, while at the same time helping to reduce the appearance of lines and puffiness to promote youthful, energized eyes. 

  • Each of these products are made with some of the most effective plant-based ingredients, such as jojoba oil, witch hazel, aloe, and silk amino acids. With regular use, they can help you achieve and maintain youthful, glowing skin – all with the power of nature. 

    Harmony Toner with Witch Hazel
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