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Balance Your Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows With CBD in Denver and Colorado

Colorado, named from the Spanish “colored red,” is known for its soaring mountains and abundance of verdant wide-open spaces. Nature lovers have always flocked to the Centennial State, so it makes sense that Colorado is likely the most cannabis-friendly state in our nation. As Colorado has opened up the state’s laws regarding the cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis, more and more Coloradans are

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CBD in Georgia CBD Laws

CBD and Georgia on My Mind – CBD Laws in Georgia

Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find (unless I purchase CBD online) Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind… The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill made CBD with a dry weight under 0.3% federally legal, but states have their own laws that govern the rules and restrictions of CBD. So if you’re on the midnight train to Georgia, make sure you

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Sweet Home Alabama CBD Laws and Legalities

In Sweet Home Alabama – Is there CBD For You? CBD Laws in Alabama

Sweet home Alabama, where there’s CBD for you. Or is there? The legalities of CBD in The Cotton State are, in fact, quite strict. CBD usage is typically reserved for medical practice. But as those big wheels keep on turnin’, federal laws may continue to push state laws to loosen up on their restrictions on CBD. CBD in Alabama The history of CBD in

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Tuscon Arizona CBD Sera Labs

CBD in Tuscon, Arizona

Arizona is the Grand Canyon State. Did you know that there are no dinosaur fossils in the Grand Canyon because the rocks are far older than the dinosaurs?! Here are some other fun facts about Arizona: Women were granted the right to vote in Arizona eight years before national suffrage! Tucson is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the United States. Natives began farming

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hand washing skincare CBD sera labs seratopical

Constant Hand Washing Causing Dry Skin? Try These Tips

If you’re taking preventative measures and following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for when and how to wash your hands, you’re likely washing your hands more than ten times a day. Keeping the germs away can come at a “rough price:” dry, cracked skin. However, this unwanted side effect of frequent hand washing can be helped by following some simple tips!

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CBD Skincare Sera Labs

CBD for the Skin: Everything You Need to Know

It seems like everyone is upgrading their skincare ritual. Selfcare and maintenance are a top priority. So, if you haven’t heard of CBD skincare, now is the time to educate yourself and get in the know. Is it Safe to Use CBD on Your Skin? Yes, Cannabidiol (CBD) is safe to use on the skin. CBD oil is a substance extracted from the Cannabis

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Kansas CBD Legality CBD Oil Hemp

Follow The Yellow Brick Road to CBD in Kansas

Ah, Kansas, where the deer and the antelope play. Kansas, the state often associated with cyclones, yellow brick roads, Dorothy and Toto (the dog, not the band) is not necessarily known for its progressive policies on CBD. But you may be surprised to learn of some of the positive changes that have taken place with regard to CBD in the past couple of years.

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CBD in Ohio laws legalities hemp farm bill

The Buckeye State & CBD: The Legalities of CBD & Hemp in Ohio

It turns out, Ohioans might be even more into CBD than their precious Buckeyes; which makes sense since Buckeyes can’t stimulate a healthy immune system, help with occasional sleeplessness, or help you maintain a healthy state of calm and relaxation. In fact, buckeyes are bitter and poisonous. So unless the buckeye is of the chocolate and peanut butter variety, steer clear of consumption. The

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in-home spa isolation cover-19 seratopical CBD

Make Your Isolation an In-Home Spa Vacation

Is anybody else desperate for some spa vibes? Many regional governments have announced the closure of spas due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re self isolating, social distancing or just need some R&R, it’s highly recommended you steer clear of your favorite salon or spa during this worrisome time.  Protecting your mental health is of the utmost importance. So, when anxiety is high, sink lower

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