Face Oil vs Moisturizer: Which is Right for your Skin?

Face Oil vs Moisturizer: Which is Right for your Skin?

Face oil vs. moisturizer – it’s the ultimate skincare battle. In this guide, we’re discussing the differences and similarities between these two products, as well as how you can determine which is best for your skin type and concerns. 

Understanding Your Skin Type

Before we dive in, it’s important to know your skin type. As a refresher, dry skin refers to skin that is lacking natural moisture. On the opposite side is oily skin, which has excess levels of sebum (the skin’s oil). Combination skin has patches that are dry and other patches that are prone to oiliness, whereas normal skin has balanced moisture levels. 

Face Oil

Here are the benefits of face oil usage, and how it functions in a skincare routine. 

What is Face Oil and What Does It Do?

Face oils are gentle, nourishing formulas designed to deeply moisturize the skin. They are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that support overall skin health. 

Typically, face oils contain a blend of different oils to give the skin the maximum nourishment and moisturization benefits. However, you can also find products on the market with a 100% concentration of a single oil. 

Benefits of Using Face Oil

By restoring moisture to the skin, a face oil will help promote a smooth, plump complexion. At the same time, it works as an occlusive, sealing water in to help maintain the skin’s hydration levels. 

Since they are naturally packed with antioxidants and other nutrients, face oils also work to not only nourish and strengthen the skin and its barrier, but also help protect against free radicals. The result? Healthy, strong, and super soft skin. 

Radiant Face & Neck Serum

Different Types of Face Oil

Here’s a glimpse at some of the most effective face oil ingredients:

  • Argan Oil: Argan oil is a great source of vitamin E and fatty acids, and works to deeply moisturize while defending the skin against free radicals. 
  • Marula Oil: This oil is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants that rejuvenate and protect the skin. 
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: Sunflower seed oil is packed with antioxidants, and also helps soothe and protect the complexion. 

You’ll find all three of these oils (plus even more high-performance oils) in our lightweight yet deeply moisturizing Radiant Face & Neck Serum. The anti-aging face oil is designed to restore elasticity and smooth fine lines and wrinkles as it strengthens the barrier and deeply hydrates the skin.  

Recommended Skin Types

All skin types can benefit from using a face oil, but it's especially beneficial for drier skin in need of extra moisture support. If you have oily skin and want to use a face oil, look for a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly into the skin. 


Now, let’s talk about the benefits of moisturizers, and why they are a must-have in any skincare routine. 

How Does Moisturizer Work?

Moisturizers work to both moisturize and hydrate the skin. They are made with humectants that draw water to the skin to improve hydration, as well as emollients that soften the skin and replenish the barrier. Some formulas also contain occlusives, which create a seal on the skin to lock in moisture. 

Benefits of Using Moisturizer

A moisturizer gives the skin a daily dose of much-needed hydration and moisturization support. By ensuring the skin gets what it needs, it’s able to function optimally and look and feel soft and smooth. Thanks to its hydrating benefits, regular use of a moisturizer can also improve texture and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Different Types of Moisturizer

Here are the main types of moisturizers:

  • Cream: Cream-based moisturizers have a thick consistency, and are often made with occlusives. They are great for giving dry skin the extra moisture that it needs.
  • Lotion: Lotions are lighter than creams, and are the ideal choice for normal and combination skin types. 
  • Gel: Gel moisturizers are the lightest of the three. The fast-absorbing formulas hydrate and lightly moisturize, and are great for oily skin. 

Recommended Skin Types

Every skin type needs a moisturizer to get the daily hydration and moisture support needed for healthy, comfortable skin. The key is using a formula that is best suited for your skin type. 

Choosing the Right Product

You might be wondering: is oil or lotion better for the face?  Can I replace face oil with moisturizer (or vice versa)? 

When it comes to these two products, we don’t recommend choosing one or the other. Rather, for the best results, we suggest incorporating both in your routine. A moisturizer will maintain skin health and ensure the barrier is functioning optimally. At the same time, a face oil will add an extra dose of nourishment and moisture support to keep the complexion soft and strong. 

Application Techniques

When using both products in your routine, we recommend applying a moisturizer first, followed up by the face oil. The oil will function as a protective layer, helping to seal in the moisturizer so that it can do its best work. With proper application, you’ll unlock the full benefits of these formulas, helping you achieve healthy, super supple, and balanced skin.  

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