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How To Choose The Right Supplements For You Depending On Your Health Goals

With so many different supplements available on the market, it can get confusing as to which your body truly needs. The truth is, however, we don't need every single supplement out there just because it has been made available to us. There are specific supplements that may benefit everyone differently. Choosing the right supplement for you may sometimes require the advice of a medical professional, unless you are familiar with taking certain vitamins and minerals already, or you know your needs - i.e. you are an athlete, you require an extra boost for each day or you need that little extra help sleeping at night. But did you know that not all supplements have to be pill based? Pill based supplements can be harder to take, especially if you need results fast or you are on the go!

Importance of Supplements for the Body

Supplements play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being by filling nutritional gaps that might not be met through diet alone. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that support various bodily functions, from boosting the immune system and enhancing brain function to improving bone density and cardiovascular health. For individuals with specific dietary restrictions, allergies, or health conditions, supplements can ensure they receive adequate nutrition that their regular diet might lack. Additionally, as people age, their ability to absorb nutrients from food can diminish, making supplements vital for maintaining optimal health. However, it's important to use them judiciously and under medical supervision to avoid potential adverse effects and interactions with other medications.

How Many Supplements You Should Be Taking

Determining the appropriate number of supplements to take is highly individualized and should be guided by specific health needs, dietary habits, and medical advice. While some people may require multiple supplements to address deficiencies or support particular health conditions, others might only need one or none at all if they have a balanced and varied diet. It's crucial to consult with healthcare professionals, such as a doctor or a registered dietitian, to assess your nutritional status and identify any deficiencies. Over-supplementation can lead to adverse effects and potential toxicity, as certain vitamins and minerals can accumulate in the body. Therefore, a tailored approach, considering one's age, lifestyle, health goals, and current nutritional intake, is essential for determining the right number and type of supplements to incorporate safely and effectively.

Pill-Based Supplements

Many supplements are available in pill form. If they are not pills, they come in liquid or powder form. Often, taking supplements requires drinking water to swallow them, and they may take time for your body to digest. Some pill supplements take longer to digest than others and can cause digestive issues. For some individuals, pill-based supplements can cause nausea or stomach discomfort. Slow-digesting supplements mean that the nutrients take longer to be absorbed and used by your body. Additionally, some people dislike drinking water or fluids to take their supplements and may have difficulty swallowing large pills. Furthermore, stomach acids can affect the efficacy of the supplement, meaning you may not get the full potency.

Strip Supplements

SeraLabs Nutri Strips are small 'strips' that you place onto your tongue, wait a few seconds then swallow, its just that easy. They taste great, and no water is required when taking them. When taking a supplement this way you are getting 100% of the potency. The nutrients and vitamins in Nutri Strips are absorbed rapidly and are activated in the body almost immediately. That means potent, powerful nutrients delivered to the body almost immediately when needed. Nutri Strips are also packaged in a grab-and-go airtight portable sachets making them incredibly convenient for that on-the-go lifestyle. You can keep them in your handbag or wallet and take them while you are busy with your day, without having to go and find water to drink or chuck your head backwards to swallow a large pill. They also taste great with a range of fruity flavors available.

Best Supplements Depending on Your Goals

Nutri Strips Supplements

SeraLabs Nutri-Strips, with clinically backed ingredients, has a range of supplements available in our Nutri Strips formulation. Depending on your needs, you may benefit greatly from incorporating Nutri Strips into your lifestyle.

Sleep A.S.A.P.

Sleep A.S.A.P. was developed to assist those who struggle with falling and staying asleep or simply just experiencing a good night's sleep. The Nutri Strip technology makes these so simple to take, and fast acting, that you can slip one onto your tongue as you climb into bed.


Created to help provide that kickstart boost to your immune system during times of vulnerability such as stress or fatigue, or simply during winter time. ImmuneD3 Nutri Strips are easy to take and provide a fast-acting boost of Vitamin D3. A whopping full week's dose of 40 000iu in one strip. That means you would only need to take one strip once a week. So much easier than having to remember to take large, hard to swallow supplements every single day!


For that on the go energy boost, Energy Nutri Strips are handy kept in your handbag or wallet for that quick pick me up whenever you need it. Around 2:00pm are you feeling the mid-day slump? Need a boost before or after you exercise? This is the great answer in one easy strip, without the jitters. Sugar free and containing zero calories, Energy provides a healthier alternative to energy drinks and high sugared energy boosters that may leave you feeling the jitters.


Originally developed for performance athletes, RecoverB Nutri Strips are now available for everyone who requires a boost of essential minerals or electrolytes, for those living active lifestyles. RecoverB may also great for people who are experiencing symptoms of dehydration. Also great to take if you have indulged to much the night before. Especially easy to take thanks to Nutri Strip technology, RecoverB may be very suitable for those experiencing nausea and unable to eat or drink.

Rapid Activation Delivery System

Nutri Strips has a patented Rapid Activation Delivery System that makes the nutrients and vitamins of these strips rapidly absorbed by the human body when placed on the tongue and swallowed. They are supported by scientific research and recommended by doctors and available worldwide. Make your supplement taking process easier with Nutri Strips.

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